About OQPS: Ireland’s Leading DNA Test Provider

OQPS is a fully Irish owned and managed company based in Dublin city centre. Its offices are two minutes walk from the Ha’Penny Bridge and you are more than welcome to come and visit OQPS to discuss any element of DNA testing. OQPS has been providing DNA testing services since 2004. Because of its high standard of service, reliability, professionalism, and discretion, it is Ireland’s leading DNA test provider.

OQPS is the service provider of choice for many of Ireland’s leading law firms specializing in child custody, divorce and probate issues. The company handles all cases with the utmost care and professionalism. Ormond Quay Paternity Services is a trading division of MTC Healthcare, a leading distributor of Medical Diagnostics and Laboratory services to Irish Hospitals, Clinics and Pharmacies.

The laboratory is completely committed to quality assurance, holds the UKAS and ISO 17025 accreditation and is staffed by a team of highly qualified personnel working within Scientific, Client Services and Legal Departments. It is expertise and attention to disciplined procedures, which enables OQPS to consistently provide a reliable, trustworthy and accurate response to the individual needs of its clients.

To know more about OQPS, please visit the site http://www.oqps.ie

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Irish Mothers Using DNA Paternity Services

Ormond Quay Paternity Services (OQPS), a leading paternity testing company claimed its business has rocketed by 80 per cent over the last year because of the “Great Irish Mammy Syndrome”. IRISH mothers who refuse to believe their cherished sons have fathered illegitimate children are among the most popular users of DNA paternity testing services.

The company also claimed that potential grandmothers contact the company to find out how to disprove allegations that their son had casual sex. OQPS claimed that more young sexual partners are turning to DNA testing as a result of crisis pregnancies linked to Ireland’s drink culture. It also claimed one in three of its tests over the past 18 months turned up negative – showing the male client were not the biological father of the child. In 88 per cent of the tests carried out, it was found that the man and woman tested did not share the same surname.

According to OQPS, there are numerous possible reasons for a rise in the number of tests being carried out, including a drop in the costs. To know more about DNA paternity testing services, please visit the site http://www.oqps.ie

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Consent for DNA Testing

Nowadays, to know who your ancestors were and where you come from is very easy with the help of “DNA Testing Services”. DNA testing proves or disproves the biological relationship between an alleged father and an offspring.

Ormond Quay Paternity Testing (OQPS), one of the leading DNA test providers in Ireland offers DNA paternity testing services worldwide at hard to believe prices. However, when you donate a sample of DNA you must sign a consent form which gives your consent that your DNA can be tested. Under Irish Law, if a person is above the age of 18 he/she must give his/her consent for his/her DNA to be tested. If a person is a minor and is under the age of 18 and therefore is not able to give his/her consent for DNA test, the consent must be given by a child’s mother in order for the child’s DNA to be tested.

To know more about DNA Test, please visit the site http://www.oqps.ie

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Court Admissible DNA Test Services

In many unfortunate cases, when you need to establish paternity for legal reasons, court admissible DNA test is absolutely necessary. Most DNA testing centers provide general as well as specialized DNA testing services like Personal and Legal DNA Relationship Testing, Sibling Testing, Forensic DNA Testing Services, DNA Identification System, Pre-Natal DNA Testing and much more.

Ormond Quay Paternity Services (OQPS) specialize in court admissible DNA Testing services and have aided many clients to resolve family law matters and resolve inheritance disputes. The company’s court admissible paternity testing procedure follows a strict chain of custody which ensures that the test results are legally defensible in court.

OQPS not only provide the legal DNA test you need, but help you establish a procedural checklist to ensure your legal paternity testing results will be court admissible. To know more about OQPS, please visit the site http://www.oqps.ie

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Is There a Need for DNA Sibling test?

Over the years, people have wondered about their relationships with other people because of adoption, unknown parents and other reasons. Therefore the need for sibling DNA testing has become quite common nowadays.

The two types of DNA Sibling test are; Half Sibling test and Full Sibling test. The test that tells whether the siblings share one common parent is a half sibling test, while the full sibling test shows that two individuals share common biological parents. The sibling test is conducted in the same manner as a regular paternity test. The procedure requires samples from both siblings and if possible a parent or both parents. Swabs are placed in the mouths of the various parties and samples of DNA are obtained. The parties giving their DNA must then sign a consent form giving their consent for their DNA to be tested.

OQPS offers DNA sibling test services to determine sibling genetic relationships. DNA Sibling test from OQPS can help two individuals verify whether they are full or half siblings. The company also offers DNA paternity test, Court Admissible DNA test, Pre-Natal test and other DNA test services with the highest quality of care.

To know more about DNA Sibling Test, please visit the site http://www.oqps.ie

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DNA Sibling Test – Types

In the DNA sibling test, two children are tested to determine whether they share the same biological parent or parents. Two individuals born of the same biological parents share much more of their DNA than individuals that are not related to one another. There are two types of DNA Sibling Test:

  • Half Sibling Test: This test is performed when two alleged siblings believe they only share one biological parent (as in when two siblings know that they do not have the same mother and are trying to determine if they have the same father). In other words, a half-sibling DNA index can be obtained to determine whether the siblings share only one common parent, versus two common parents.
  • Full Sibling Test: This test is performed when two siblings share one biological parent and would like to know if they share the other parent as well (as in when two siblings know they have the same mother and wish to find out if they have the same father).

Ormond Quay Paternity Services (OQPS), a leading DNA test provider in Ireland offers DNA sibling test to help two individuals verify whether they are full or half siblings. On an average, full siblings (share both biological parents) have 50% of their DNA in common, half siblings (share only one biological parent) have 25% of their DNA in common. With the results of a DNA sibling test, OQPS can determine if two people are siblings based on the amount and specific type of DNA they have in common.

To know more about DNA SIBLING TEST offered by OQPS, please visit the site http://www.oqps.ie

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What is DNA Sibling Test?

DNA Sibling test is designed to determine sibling genetic relationships. In other words, DNA sibling test determines if two or more individuals have common parents. It is an indirect way to determine family relationships when an alleged father is not available for a paternity test.

OQPS, an Irish Company based in Dublin City Centre with sample collection centers nationwide offers DNA Sibling test services to determine whether two people are full or half siblings. DNA Sibling test from OQPS can help two individuals to determine the statistical probability of whether siblings (brothers and sisters) share the same two parents or not.

If you want more information about a DNA SIBLING TEST, please visit the site http://www.oqps.ie

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